Home Theater For Minimalist Houses

The style of architecture that is more popular especially in urban areas today is minimalist style. This is simple, modern, yet elegant style with straight lines and plain color combination.

As the result, the trend for furniture also leads to this minimalist model. To follow the trend, LG is trying to introduce one of its latest home theater products. There are various features from the product that are reliable and suitable for minimalist home. Since LG has the philosophy that home theater is not just only used for watching movies, but an experience embodied in the action film, it always tries to give the best products for the costumers so they will be satisfied with the products.

For some people, an electronic device is not enough to be evaluated from its function and its features. The shapes, designs and colors are also things that cannot be ignored. Therefore, the decision to select an electronic device cannot be separated from the conformance with the feel of the room or even another electronic device that already exists. In this case, to get a home theater which can accommodate in terms of sound quality and suitability of design products with other electronic devices must be not easy and sometimes can cause problems.

To answer this, LG introduced a new half tallboy home theater, HT805PM. This is a type of home theater that has a 32-inch TV Matching concept design. There are some reasons why LG created HT805PM. The first is the selling of 32-inch LCD TV is higher than any other sizes of TV. The second reason is the difficulty that is faced by the consumers in finding good quality of sound that is in accordance with the feel of the room and the existing electronic devices.

Moreover, HT805PM consists of five speakers. They are two front pieces left and right speakers, two rear speakers and a center speaker. Additionally, there is one sub woofer to support the quality of sound that is resulted by this device. This means that HT805PM can be categorized as a 1.5 channel home theater.

Finally, if you have minimalist house and you want to have a home theater in it, you should consider purchasing this device. With this, you will have a great experience in watching your favorite movies.